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Kombucha and Colour

Oct 21, 2019

Many people don’t link their experience of pain with their immune system and therefore digestive function. Conditions like Chronic Fatigue are often perceived to be life-long ways of being that sufferers just have to live with. Sometimes we can experience symptoms of neuroinflammation (like brain fog, difficulty...

Oct 14, 2019

Ché reflects on her marathon running experience and shares some of the lessons learned along that journey. We talk about the capacity to stay open-hearted and vulnerable even when receding feels like the safer option. We touch on the Koshas and the inspiration to keep moving past your upper limiting beliefs.


The Big...

Oct 7, 2019

Sharing your story and releasing shame is part of the healing journey. The throat chakra is responsible for our ability to speak fully and honestly what is on our hearts yet many of us find it difficult to do this because we are not connected to our power or because we have inappropriate boundaries with other people....

Sep 30, 2019

A catch-up chat that starts with a discussion around Ché’s recent break-up with coffee, takes a pit stop in reflections about social media and ends with the importance of asking the universe for a helping hand. An easy listening flow of conversation that will get your thinking. 


Find Anna:

Sep 23, 2019

Health is about flexibility. Flexibility metabolically, immunologically and Psychologically. Anna and Ché reconnect after Anna’s holiday to Greece and enter a conversation about how our emotional being relates to health. This opens a discussion about the importance of feeling a range of emotions and having a...