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Kombucha and Colour

Jan 27, 2020

We chat about the concepts of values and goals - following from some insight from the Girl, Stop Apologising book by Rachel Hollis. What values are important to us? What goals do we want to achieve? Which values are we willing to sacrifice in order to achieve the goals we set? We also share the 10. 10. 1. exercise which...

Jan 20, 2020

Ché chats with the amazing Dr Tara Swart author of The Source - as well as psychiatrist, coach, neuroscientist and creative! We talk about the whole-brain approach to manifesting what you want, the importance of brain-body connection, intuition, tangible steps for action boarding, the difference between allowing and...

Jan 13, 2020

A foggy brain, poor focus, concentration and overwhelm can be common and often put down to the busy lives that we lead. In this episode, Anna uses her health journey a case study to illustrate when and how we can be doing more to function better. The quality of our brain function ultimately determines the quality of our...

Jan 6, 2020

An easy-going chatty episode where Anna and Ché catch up and share stories from Christmas and New Year. They talk about their guiding words to lead them through 2020, a discussion around alcohol (again) and how to exist in the “real” world when on the spiritual path. 



Beat the Bloat 2.0: