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Kombucha and Colour

Oct 26, 2020

Anna gives an update on her recovery from Chronic Fatigue. She shares an open-hearted reflection on the past 18 months of crumbling, grieving, resisting, surrendering and accepting. Her and Ché discuss the integration of mind, body and emotional / energy healing; how all are essential to our wellness and it can be...

Oct 19, 2020

In an effort to offer a show that is fun, uplifting and positive in these darker times, we chat about the things that we are loving and enjoying lately - from grounding practices, gratitude, funny podcasts and book recommendations. A great resource episode if you are looking for some positive inspiration. 



Oct 12, 2020

As women, our hormonal cycle is a big part of who we are, yet very few women understand how their bodies actually work, what is normal and what isn’t. Anna aims to close the knowledge gap talking specifically about how your cycle works and how each step contributes to fertility and the ability to conceive. She shares...

Oct 5, 2020

Ché shares about a recent interaction on social media where she publicly questioned a pregnancy workout account on the messaging they have been putting online to other pregnant people. We talk about what happened in that exchange, overly identifying with your “doing” or business, finding self-worth from an internal...