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Kombucha and Colour

Apr 8, 2019

Once you jump onto the spiritual path, you open yourself up to increasing amounts of crazeee. The practises and rituals you would have previously thought were for “other people” start to become part of everyday life. Anna and Ché share some of the practices and rituals that make up their daily routines, with a sneaky bit of science and many helpful resources to guide you on your own journey.


The Inner Beauty Bible:

Naomi Absalom:

Movement For Modern LIfe:

The Wim Hoff Method:

Elite HRV:

Meggan Watterson “Reveal”:

Divine Feminine Oracle Cards:

Rebecca Campbell, “LIght Is The New Black”:

Oracle Deck:


Period Sponge: Jam Sponge Etsy shop

The Breath Guy:

Move Breathe Create:
Card Decks:

Lumina Tarot Cards:


Find Anna:




Find Ché: