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Kombucha and Colour

Sep 28, 2020

Today Anna and Ché chat about control. What is ours to control and what is not and how can we find the difference between the two? Ché explores this through the lens of birth and pregnancy whilst Anna explores this through her adventures in healing. We explore how controlling behaviours can be a mask for underlying...

Sep 21, 2020

Joining Ché today is repeat (and much loved) guest on the Podcast Lulu Becker - a women’s health pelvic floor physiotherapist. In this episode we talk about the most optimal ways to prepare the pelvic floor for birth and labour. We also touch on fear and pain, hormones, masculine and feminine energy and intuition.


Sep 14, 2020

When we feel good, we do good and make better decisions. Our decisions collectively add up and change the trajectory of our lives. Anna explains that coaching is about helping her clients find a more resourceful state and what makes her different from other coaches, is that she works on the physiological level to...

Sep 7, 2020

Today’s guest Donna Noble shares her passionate mission of making yoga and the wellness space inclusive and safe for all - including all body shapes, sizes, abilities and ethnicities. She shares her journey into the world of yoga and yoga teaching and the responsibilities that we have as teachers, or people with...