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Kombucha and Colour

Apr 19, 2018

In our first episode, we introduce you to Kombucha and Colour! We chat about the inspiration for starting this podcast and a little bit about the name "Kombucha and Colour".

You will find out how Anna and Ché came to be friends as well as their shared purpose of encouraging women to love themselves and reach their fullest potential.

Ché interviews Anna and we hear about Anna's journey starting from her degree in sports science to becoming a personal trainer in London and then moving out to Bournemouth to become a functional medicine practitioner and online women's health coach, guiding women around the globe to achieve life-changing results in body, mind, and soul.

Anna shares her journey of personal growth, the value of investing in self-development, and the importance of continued work on self-love and self-worth through setting clear boundaries, nourishing and moving your body well and listening to your heart.  

Dynamo, Tempo, Steel & Blaze personality types:

Anna’s Beat The Bloat Digestive Reset:

Ché’s yoga + creativity Members platform:

Anna’s online women’s lifestyle coaching:

The “other” things that Anna helps regulate, like gut health and hormone imbalances:

Some of the life-changing results that Anna’s clients have experienced:

The funny story from the retreat:


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