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Kombucha and Colour

Apr 23, 2018

Anna interviews Ché in this episode of the show and we dive into Ché's background in graphic design, what brought Ché to the yoga practice and why she believes it to be such a powerful transformational tool. Ché shares some personal stories of coming out of a destructive relationship and how yoga helped shift the identity she was stuck in during that time which has enabled her to live a more wholehearted and self-loving life - which is what lies at the root of her yoga teaching. She shares a few other personal stories including a funny yoga-fail which landed her on The Ellen Show!

Ché explains the incredible converging point she is at between yoga, spirituality and creativity and the online platform she is building to help others tap into it too.

We end with hearing how she refuels mind, body, and soul and finds creative inspiration in the every-day.



Ché’s graphic design work:

The “long convoluted love story":

Online platform for yoga and creativity:

Russell Brunson Expert secrets:

Melyssa Griffin Marketing course:

Funny thing that happened to Che:

Wedding Dress Adventures:

Ché’s Yoga Fail falling on her head:

The Luck Factor:


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