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Kombucha and Colour

Dec 3, 2018

Our ability to own and tell our stories enables us power to process, grow and create community and solidarity. In this episode, Ché chats with Jen Thorpe a writer, researcher, and feminist. We talk about the power of women owning their sexuality, sharing their stories and the bravery and vulnerability required to do so. Jen shares the insights she’s gained on collecting stories from a diversity of women and cultures on the topic of “my first time” to what it means to be a feminist and why it’s important for women to have their voices heard. Following the success of her first novel “The Peculiars”, Jen is busy working on her second novel and she shares some of her creative processes and tools for getting out of “creative-stuckness”.


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My First Time: Stories of Sex and Sexuality from Women Like You

The Peculiars

Feminism Is

My website


Books / talks

  1. My masters' research was inspired by a book called Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy.
  2. Naomi Wolf - Vagina: A New Biography.
  3. Mohale Mashigo - host of the 'Conversations with Mohale' talk at the Open Book Festival that inspired me to pull together Feminism Is. Here's the link to that talk on YouTube and her most recent book, Intruders, is out now.
  4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - The danger of a single story
  5. Elizabeth Gilbert - Big Magic


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